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Nubri Thrangu Tashi Choling Monastery

nubri thrangu monasteryIn the high Himalayas of northern Nepal near the boarder of Tibet lies the area known as Nubri and the village of Kemanlung. Nubri is located in the provinces of Gorkha at an altitude of over 4000 meters. This area is very remote and is a seven days walk from the nearest road. Most people in Nubri manage a subsistence living by farming and animal herding.

Ultimately, Nubri has only its raw untouched beauty and the blessings of Dharma. Difficult transportation and the lack of communication prevent the outside world from encroaching; remoteness and inaccessibility provide a serene and undisturbed environment perfect for the practice of Dharma.

The Nubri Thrangu Monastery is the central monastery in the region and there are few outlying monasteries. The people seek out the Thrangu's monks for their request for prayers because they have great confidence in the Nubri religious community and hold it in high esteem.

buying groceriesDue to the remote area, life at the monastery is very hard. Even obtaining the bare essentials is problematic. Food and groceries have to be bought in the market in the lowlands biweekly; then goods are carried on muleback loaded with five quintals of rice, meal and flour.

Life at The Monastery

In April 2009, the new Nubri monastery was consecrated by Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. Tulku Damcho Rinpoche formally accepted the role of spiritual head of Nubri Thrangu Monastery. Every year, the monastery offers Mani (Chenrezig) pujas, Guru Rinpoche pujas and Mahakala Pujas for the residents of the region. There is also a free clinic to serve the locals as well.

shrine hall at nubri thrangu monasteryThe Monastery currently has 30 monk students from ages 4-13. Children begin with the learning of the alphabet, spelling, reading, and proceeds to the memorization of prayers and other relevant texts and observing daily monastic rules and regulations.

They also learn various ritual arts, metrical rhymes, trumpet, making tormas etc. As they proceed to higher classes, they learn grammar, prosody or literary science. English and arithmetic are also taught. After completion of their studies from the Monastery, they will be sent to Namo Buddha Shree Mangal Dvip Branch School for higher studies.

puja at nubri thrangu monasteryNubri Needs Help

The monastery is now starting construction of living quarter for the monks. And additional US$ 60,000 is needed.

The free health clinic has been sponsored in Nubri for a while now but that funding will end the year of 2010, The monastery is seeking continued support to be able to staff and supply the clinic to serve all the people of the surrunding villages.

To complete the project, we would like to sincerely appeal to each and every compassionate person to support and help to contribute towards the fulfillment of this meaningful and enriching mission. We assure your kind support will benefit all the sentient beings. Donations in any amount are welcomed and appreciated. 

For enquires, please contact Lama Dawa, Thrangu Vajrayana Buddhist Center at (852) 2760-8381 or via email at