The Himalayan Children's Fund (HCF), was established in 1987 which is a United States based nonprofit, 501(c)(3), which functions as a fundraising organization for Thrangu Rinpoche's charitable activities. The money we raise is currently used to provide food, clothing, simple medical care, and education to the monks in the monastery and the poor children of the Himalayan region. We receive and distribute funds for all of Rinpoche's projects, the monasteries, the nunnery, the schools, the free clinics, retreat centers and monastic colleges in Nepal, India and Qinghai.

The donors can make monthly or yearly donation but any amount is welcome. The fund will be used to cover all expenses related to their studies, as well as food, healthcare and basic necessities during their life at the monastery. The monastery will acknowledge all donations and the donors' name will be included in the daily prayers of the monks and nuns. We appeal to your generosity in order to continue with our work of providing a place of study and practice to young people of the Himalayan region, and to preserve and continue the propagation of Tibetan Buddhism.