Saga Dawa month/ Medicine Buddha 3-day Retreat for billions of merits

Saga Dawa month/ Medicine Buddha 3-day Retreat for billions of merits
The 4th month of the Tibetan calendar is Saga Dawa, the most auspicious month for Vajrayana Buddhism.
May 19th is Buddha purnima, the birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha. May 26th is Vesak, a 4-in-1 celebration, rejoicing in Buddha Shakyamuni’s purnima, subduing Mara, enlightenment, and signifying Buddha’s parinirvana.
Contemplating on the thought of impermanence, we should make the best of this practice opportunity to benefit ourselves and all sentient beings!
Khenpo Dawa and lamas of Hong Kong Thrangu Center who aspire to liberate fellow students and sentient beings from suffering, will host a 3 day Medicine Buddha retreat from May 24 – 26.
In addition to dedicating all the merits to the early subsiding of the world wide pandemic which is causing extensive sufferings in Nepal and India right now, the retreat will serve to help retreatants to accomplish the 12 aspirational vows by Medicine Buddha, including prosperity and longevity, good health and refined bodily features; inexhaustible things of enjoyment; freedom from disease and sickness, those who are sick to receive proper treatment; harmony in family; relatives close and distant to have healthy bodies and five senses; all practitioners to have abundant resources; and all those who might have deviated from the path to swiftly make amend and practice the bodhisattva way!
No matter how busy you are, a 3 day focus on this online retreat and practice will bring immense blessing and protection. Just do it!
Date : 24th to 26th May 2021
Time : 9:00am to 6:00pm
Venue: Thrangu Centre
Register : Free of charge, first-come, first-served basis.
(Please call : 27608381 to register)
* In response to government relaxation, religious gatherings or event arrangements, participants must be vaccinated with at least one dose in order to increase the number of people indoors to 50%. Therefore, Khenpo and Lama took this advice for the time being, all joint practice will maintance the status, and practice through live webcast.
Participants will be allowed to participate in this retreat, but you must register. Due to limited seats, if participants are unable to attend, please call centre to cancel registration. To protect public health, centre implements the following special anti-epidemic measures :
1. All participants are required to check their body temperature before entering centre. For those with fever symptoms will not be admitted.
2. Participants must wear mask during their visit.
3. We will strengthen the disinfection of public facilities and provide alcohol hand sanitizers to our participants.
During the retreat, the last class of the day will end at 6:00pm, and you will be granted return (to return home). The first class of the next day will start at 9:00am, please take your seat early, thank you.
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