Ching Ming Festival Amitabha Deceased Puja 2022


【Ching Ming Festival Amitabha Puja】 3-5 March
The “Ching Ming Festival” is extremely meaningful and beneficial for all Chinese to create merits and dedicate to all those beloved relatives and friends who have passed away. The centre will conduct the 3 days Amitabha Puja, paying respect to our ancestors and deceased relatives and friends. The Amitabha Puja helps the deceased to have a better rebirth on their journey towards reaching the pureland of Amitabha. Thrangu Centre HK is currently closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can join us on Zoom, Facebook Live or YouTube Live.
📣Due to COVID-19, our schedules are frequently changing per the latest local regulations. For the most updated status, please check out our website, facebook, youtube or instagram.
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