【Red Chenrezig practice during Ullambana Festival】 2022

【Red Chenrezig practice during Ullambana Festival】
– organised by Thrangu Centre Hong Kong, August 9th – 12th

The Ullambana Festival, also known as Yulanpen Festival will happen on the 15th night of the seventh month according to Chinese calendar.

A Buddhist tale said, one of the top ten disciples of Shakyamuni, Mulian seek the help of Buddha to rescue his mother from Avici Hell, due to karmic retribution for her transgressions. Mulian could not rescue her by his individual effort, however, but was instructed by the Buddha to confess on wrong doings, and after purifications, offer precious food, butter lamps to monks and monasteries on the fifteenth day of the seventh lunar month, which established the original Ullambana festival. Consequently Mulian’s mother was lifted from hell and reborn in the upper realms.

Through practising Red Chenrezig, and offering of candles and donations to the monastery during Ullambana, followers can help remove their own obstacles, accumulate merits in this lifetime, pray for long life and good health; furthermore, followers can devote your sincere aspirations for ancestors to be liberated from samsara.

Timetable and Donation form in Chinese https://bit.ly/3PvOcTs

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